In this case report we present a 49-year-old male who was seen in the emergency department after collapsing due to anaphylactic shock, with ECG findings suggesting myocardial ischaemia. We linked both diagnoses to Kounis syndrome, which describes an acute coronary syndrome due to an allergic event. His circulatory collapse was explained by exercise-induced anaphylaxis.

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Keywords Acute care, anaphylaxis, emergency department, exercise induced anaphylaxis, Kounis syndrome
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Journal The Netherlands Journal of Medicine
Rosier, S.E. (S. E.), Otten, R. (R.), Brugts, J.J, & Hoek, A.E. (A. E.). (2018). Allergic acute coronary syndrome in exercise-induced anaphylaxis. The Netherlands Journal of Medicine, 76(9), 411–414. Retrieved from