The general aims of the studies presented in this thesis are:
1. To identify potential novel tissue biomarkers for lung carcinoids and GEP-NETs
2. To evaluate the antitumor effect of registered drugs (for other medical purposes) in NETs
3. To evaluate the effects of novel drugs on NET hormone release and cell proliferation

Specifically, we studied the potential applicability of ghrelin and somatostatin systems as biomarkers in tissue samples of lung carcinoids and GEP-NETs. As registered drugs for other medical purposes, we evaluated the antitumor effects of ketoconazole, metformin and statins. Finally, somatostatin-dopamine receptor chimeras and telotristat were studied as novel drugs for hormone release and cell growth control.

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L.J. Hofland (Leo) , J.P. Castaño (Justo) , R.A. Feelders (Richard) , M.A. Gálvez Moreno (María Angeles)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Department of Internal Medicine

Herrera-Martínez, A. (2019, January 23). Novel diagnostic biomarkers and therapeutic options for neuroendocrine tumors. Retrieved from