The authors in this volume have explored various dimensions of Koskenniemi’s ‘politics of redescription’. By explicitly acknowledging and grappling with both legal and political aspects of mobilising legal norms in attempts to obtain justice, these authors have explicitly responded to Koskenniemi’s call for lawyers to seriously engage with the politics of international law and legal practice. In addition, they have offered explanations for (and in some cases, deeper critical analyses of) the selected global justice issues that they address, whether one speaks, as Koskenniemi has put it, the law of ‘Duckalese’ or the politics of ‘Rabbit’, or both at the same time.,

Handmaker, J., & Arts, K. (2018). Taking Seriously the Politics of International Law: A Few Concluding Remarks. In J. Handmaker & K. Arts (eds.), Mobilising International Law for 'Global Justice'. (Cambridge University Press, 2019) (pp. 233–243). doi:10.1017/9781108586665.011