Substance use disorders (SUD) and personality disorders cooccur frequently. This relationship might be understood by studying schema modes (a key concept in Schema therapy), which explain the dysfunctions characterizing personality disorder patients. In the present study, we compared the schema modes and personality disorder symptoms between alcohol-dependent patients, cocaine-dependent patients and healthy controls. We found indications that specific schema modes are specific for SUD patients. However, no differences between specific subtypes of SUD patients (alcohol- vs. cocaine-dependent patients) could be found regarding schema modes. Further, it is suggested that borderline personality disorder symptoms are highly relevant for SUD patients. A first step is made in understanding the relationship between schema modes and SUD, which may contribute to the understanding of the problematic behaviour seen in patients with personality disorders and SUD (and may possibly contribute to the improvement of the treatment of this group of patients).

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European Addiction Research
Department of Psychology

Boog, M., Klaartje M. van Hest, Tamar Drescher, Verschuur, M., & Franken, I. (2018). Schema modes and personality disorder symptoms in alcohol-dependent and cocaine-dependent patients. European Addiction Research, 24(5), 226–233. doi:10.1159/000493644