This article critically examines strategies used by boundary spanners to align the institutional logics of bureaucracy, management and networks in citizenstate interactions. In-depth interviews conducted within the Dutch municipality of Rotterdam reveal that boundary spanners use entrepreneurial, mediation, and hierarchical strategies to align institutional logics. By providing insight into the strategic toolbox of boundary spanners and the perceived effectiveness of these tools, this article enhances empirical understanding of how the interplay between older and newer institutional logics within public organisations takes shape and how boundary spanners make strategic use of hierarchy to overcome institutional barriers.

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Keywords Institutional logics, boundary spanning, networks, new public governance
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Journal Local Government Studies
Nederhand, M.J, van der Steen, M.A, & van Twist, M. (2018). Boundary-spanning strategies for aligning institutional logics. Local Government Studies, 2018(November), 1–22. doi:10.1080/03003930.2018.1546172