Thyroid hormones are crucial for the function of almost every organ system in the human body. In this PhD project, the clinical factors affecting thyroid action as well as its consequences were studied. The association between selenium status, thyroid function tests and bone mineral density were studied. In addition, the mechanism behind the changes in thyroid hormone levels that are seen in patients treated with tyrosine kinase inhibitors were investigated. Furthermore, the direct effects of thyrotropin-releasing hormone on peripheral thyroid hormone metabolism and serum lipids were studied. Finally, a novel therapeutic modality for medullary thyroid carcinoma was explored.

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R.P. Peeters (Robin) , W.W. de Herder (Wouter)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Department of Internal Medicine

Beukhof, C. (2018, December 14). Clinical Factors Affecting Thyroid Hormone Action and Treatment Outcome of Thyroid Diseases. Retrieved from