A high percentage of family refusal is found for several outcomes in the Donor Register. Misconceptions and concerns regarding donation impede next of kin from making a well-considered decision. The donation request is the moment in which such concerns should be addressed by the requestor. The Communication about Donation–Telephone Advice by Psychologist (CaD-TAP) is a direct telephone intervention for requestors who are about to request the relatives for donation. The aim of this intervention is to improve requestors’ communication skills regarding the donation request and thereby increase the consent rate for organ and/or tissue donation. The intervention started on the April 1, 2014, and lasted until December 31, 2014. To determine the effects, the consent and assent rates were compared between requestors who received the CaD-TAP intervention and those who did not. The requestors who received the CaD-TAP intervention (N = 141) had a significantly (P <.001) higher consent rate (58%) compared with the group who did not receive the intervention (N = 1563, consent rate: 34%). More tissue donor requestors received the intervention (74%) and most interventions took place outside office hours (82%). No significant difference was found in the effect of the intervention with regard to type of donation, time, or day. Furthermore, the intervention increased requestors’ self-confidence in requesting for donation (P <.001), and a higher self-confidence indicated a significant association with increased consent rate. The intervention is unanimously experienced as positive and valuable by users. Based on these results the intervention is effective in increasing the consent rate for organ and tissue donation.

doi.org/10.1016/j.transproceed.2018.06.048, hdl.handle.net/1765/113352
Transplantation Proceedings
Department of Medical Psychology and Psychotherapy

Ismail, S., Kums, E. (E.), Mahmood, S.K. (S. K.), Hoitsma, A., & Jansen, N. (2018). Increasing Consent and Assent Rate for Organ and Tissue Donation: Communication About Donation–Telephone Advice by Psychologist. Transplantation Proceedings, 50(10), 3017–3024. doi:10.1016/j.transproceed.2018.06.048