Students in MOOCs may dropout because of poor instructional design quality of courses, poor learning experiences, and failing to regulate their learning times wisely. Given that there are few studies that covered examining students timing in MOOcs in terms of sessions, the current study primarily focuses on investigating the differences in sessions between students who completed MOOCs and earned a 'passed' grade, and students who did not complete sufficient assessments to pass the course. Results show that session duration matters and longer or shorter ones have an impact on students' retention in MOOCs.

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5th International Conference on Learning with MOOCs, LWMOOCS 2018
Erasmus University Rotterdam

Khalil, M. (Mohammad), & Wong, J. (2018). The Essence of Time: Taking a Look at Learning Sessions in MOOCs. In Proceedings of 2018 Learning With MOOCS, LWMOOCS 2018 (pp. 131–133). doi:10.1109/LWMOOCS.2018.8534681