This chapter addresses theoretical constructs related to deep comprehension, in particular to the comprehension of narratives. It is well known that during comprehension, readers activate knowledge and experiences which may lead readers to experience various degrees of vicarious experiences. However, such immersion is only one aspect of deep comprehension, and it is debatable the extent that immersion is necessary and sufficient for deep comprehension. This chapter uses Game of Thrones to illustrate two additional aspects of story comprehension that lie beyond immersion: internal projections and outward projections. Internal projections connect events within the story world. Outward projections connect the story to a social, cultural, and historical context.,
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Zwaan, R.A. (2018). Prose comprehension beyond the word revisited. In Deep Comprehension: Multi-Disciplinary Approaches to Understanding, Enhancing, and Measuring Comprehension (pp. 16–26). doi:10.4324/9781315109503