This review covers the book titled “CORPORATE GOVERNANCE: NEW CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES”, which was written by Alexander N. Kostyuk, Udo Braendle and Vincenzo Capizzi (Virtus Interpress, 2017, Hardcover, ISBN: 978-617-7309-00-9). The review shortly outlines the structure of the book, pays attention to it’s strong sides and issues that will be, by the reviewers’ point of view, most interesting for the reader.

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Publisher Publishing house "Virtus Interpress"
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Journal Corporate Board: Role
Perényi, A, Pacces, A.M, & Germain, L. (2018, January). Book review: “Corporate governance: New challenges and opportunities”. Corporate Board: Role. Publishing house "Virtus Interpress". doi:10.22495/cbv14i1art5