Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer in males and second in females. This disease can be caused by genetic and acquired/environmental factors. Microsatellite instability (MSI) is one of the major mechanisms in colorectal cancer. This mechanism is a specific condition of genetic hyper mutability that results from incompetent DNA mismatch repair. MSI has been applied to classify different colorectal cancer subtypes. However, the effects of MSI status on gene expression are largely unknown. In our study, we integrated the gene expression profile and MSI status of all CRC samples from the TCGA database, and then categorized the CRC samples into three subgroups, namely, MSI-stable, MSI-low, and MSI-high, according to the MSI status. We applied a novel computational method based on machine learning and screened the genes specifically expressed for the different colorectal cancer subtypes. The results showed the distinct mechanisms of the different colorectal cancer subtypes with MSI status and provided the genes that may be the optimal standards to further classify the various molecular subtypes of colorectal cancer with distinct MSI status.

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International Journal of Cancer
Department of Medical Informatics