Love in the workplace goes far beyond the superficial. Expressed as trust, compassion, friendship, and creativity, love shapes our working environment to such an extent that we could say love is the organisation and vice versa. Problematically for our data-driven systems, love is impossible to quantify or manage.
Rather than developing new frameworks in which to examine and discuss love in the study of organisation and management, it is easier for us to simply ignore it. But exploring these potential frameworks may uncover opportunities to more fully understand our workplaces, our teams, and ourselves.

Organisations, Love, Connections, Colleagues, Creativity, Compassion, Trust
RSM Discovery - Management Knowledge
This article draws its inspiration from "Love and Organisation Studies: Moving beyond the Perspective of Avoidance" published in Organisation Studies,January 23, 2018
Department of Technology and Operations Management

Tasselli, S. (2018). The power of love in organisations. RSM Discovery - Management Knowledge. Retrieved from