The general aim of this thesis was to improve care for patients with a humerus fracture.
First by giving insight into the changes in incidence rates and associated costs.
Secondly, the reliability of fracture classification systems used to guide treatment are evaluated.
Furthermore, instruments used to measure outcome of treatment in patients with a humeral shaft fracture are validated.
And finally, functional outcome and complications of operative and non-operative treatment of patients with humeral shaft fractures are compared.

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M.H.J. Verhofstad (Michiel) , P. Patka (Peter) , D. den Hartog (Dennis) , E.M.M. van Lieshout (Esther)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Department of Surgery

Mahabier, K.C. (2019, January 29). Epidemiology, Classification and Outcome of Humerus Fractures. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from