Community-based initiatives (CBIs) are emerging in many domains such as care, sustainable energy and water management. This paper examined three initiatives in Dutch water management, focusing on their relationship with water boards. CBIs present issues that water boards find difficult to respond to because of two reasons. First, CBIs are demarcated very differently from the formal tasks that water boards pursue. This calls for internal alignment within water boards to respond adequately. Second, CBIs necessitate external alignment with other water-managing governments. Water boards must therefore implement double helix alignment to relate productively to initiatives emerging in society.

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International Journal of Water Resources Development

Duijn, M., van Buuren, A., Edelenbos, J., van Popering-Verkerk, J., & van Meerkerk, I. (2019). Community-based Initiatives in the Dutch water domain – the challenge of double helix alignment. International Journal of Water Resources Development. doi:10.1080/07900627.2019.1575189