In this paper, we consider the Robust Periodic Timetabling Problem (RPTP), the problem of designing an adjustable robust periodic timetable. We develop a solution method for a parametrized class of uncertainty regions. This class relates closely to uncertainty regions known in the robust optimization literature, and naturally defines a metric for the robustness of the timetable. The proposed solution method combines a linear decision rule with well-known reformulation techniques and cutting-plane methods. We show that the RPTP can be solved for practical-sized instances by applying the solution method to practical cases of Netherlands Railways (NS). In particular, we show that the trade-off between the efficiency and robustness of a timetable can be analyzed using our solution method.

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Econometric Institute Research Papers
Department of Technology and Operations Management

Polinder, G.-J., Breugem, T., Dollevoet, T., & Maróti, G. (2019). An Adjustable Robust Optimization Approach for Periodic Timetabling (No. EI2019-01). Econometric Institute Research Papers. Retrieved from