In this essay we want to introduce a new programme that we have just embarked on. It seeks to develop intangible cultural heritage methodology and is introduced in this publication as it aims to also offer handles for museal collecting strategies. The programme investigates the development of the heritage field – in particular that of intangible cultural heritage, and including cultural-historical museums – as a shared public space in which contemporary formations are present and represented towards collecting present-day social repertoires. A laboratory in which we may have to let go of items that are disappearing or losing their use or relevance, and in which collecting is a multifaceted act of negotiating meanings and prompting mutual understanding.
Department of History

Dibbits, H., & Willemsen, M. (2014). Stills of our liquid times. An essay towards collecting today’s intangible cultural heritage. In Die Musealisierung der Gegenwart.Von Grenzen und Chancen des Sammelns in kulturhistorischen Museen.. Retrieved from