Aging is often viewed as an unalterable process of decline and loss associated with development of physical frailty and gradual loss in cognitive function towards the end of life. This view may, however, be too pessimistic. The perceived importance of increasing the number of healthy years with a better preservation of functional and mental capacity grows with the increasing number of older persons in our society. The fulfillment of this need requires the identification of modifiable factors related to aging and explaining differences between individuals. In this thesis, we adopted the definition of successful aging by Rowe and Kahn, which includes avoidance of disease and disability, maintenance of high physical and cognitive function, and sustained engagement in social and productive activities.

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Lamberts, Prof. Dr. S.W.J. (promotor), Grobbee, Prof. Dr. D.E. (promotor), Abbott BV, Roche Nederland BV, Procter & Gamble BV
D.E. Grobbee (Diederick) , S.W.J. Lamberts (Steven)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

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