Efforts to achieve social accountability from below for women in DRC have encountered obstacles related to traditional gender norms. It is important to create an enabling environment for social gender accountability by disseminating and enacting existing gender laws and regulations and by promoting women’s inclusion in public institutions, particularly in ministries of health and education. Although positive gender change at the local level has been slow and sporadic, there is qualitative evidence of gender change at the individual level, where some women have gained influence and effectively used social accountability channels. Positive gender change is a long process that will continue to require sustained attention and efforts.

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Kyamusugulwa, P.M, Hilhorst, D.J.M, & Bergh, S.I. (2019). The importance of gender norms in promoting social accountability for women in DRC (No. 2). SLRC Policy Paper. Retrieved from http://hdl.handle.net/1765/115144