The aim of this article is to provide an appreciation and analysis of the expatriate connectivity of Italian and French citizens from their place of residence in Australia through their respective elections in their home countries. Specifically, the article examines the case of Italians in Australia voting in the 2013 Italian elections and equally that of French citizens in Australia voting in the French presidential and the following legislative elections in 2017. The article examines the voting patterns there might be between those voting in their home country (Italy and France) and those voting in external electoral colleges (in this case, the relevant Australian college). The article shows that those living abroad—in this case, Australia—provide different political choices and less surprising low voting participation compared to the domestic districts. It also highlights that the transnational community can be, and is, influenced by the political context of their host country, which will be different from that which occurs in their home country.

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Keywords Australia, expatriates, France, Italy, transnationalism, voting patters
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Journal Australian Journal of International Affairs
Helbert, M.C.H, & Mascitelli, B. (2018). Transnationalism and Expatriate Political Engagement: The Case of the Italian and French Voting in Australia. Australian Journal of International Affairs, 72(4), 329–342. doi:10.1080/10357718.2018.1480009