This article explores some theoretical notions of trust in complex interorganizational networks, especially public-private partnerships. The article begins with a theoretical exploration of the value of trust in complex interorganizational processes. Next, the role of trust in a public-private partnership “Sijtwende” is analyzed. The authors analyze the cooperation process and the organizational arrangements that have been used, as well as the outcomes thus far. They then trace the existence and development of trust in these processes and their influence on the process and outcomes. The authors close with some preliminary conclusions and hypotheses on the manageability of trust.

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Keywords PPP, complexity, decision making, interorganizational cooperation, management, networks, public governance, public management, public sector, public-private partnerships, trust
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Journal Administration & Society
Edelenbos, J, & Klijn, E-H. (2007). Trust in Complex Decision-Making Networks. Administration & Society, 39(1), 25–50. doi:10.1177/0095399706294460