This case will serve the purpose of finding a suitable and viable financing source for the upscaling of NEXUS Centers Nepal, a social enterprise which provides social infrastructure in rural areas in Nepal. Without upscaling the social enterprise will not be able to break even and cease to exist. Furthermore, the case will show the complexity of the funding process for social enterprises in general. To gain insight into these problems, this case will provide some background information about NEXUS Centers Nepal and the current economic market of social enterprises and their main sources of funding. The students will become aware of the complexity and difficulty to provide a solution on funding social enterprises. They will be challenged through a roleplay to look at the strategic issue from three different perspectives in an interactive setting.

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Keywords social entrepreneurship, funding, Public Private Partnership (PPP), finance, upscaling, organisation, start-up, crowdfunding, angel investors, community development, water infrastructure, socially responsible-investing, roleplay, developing countries
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Based on field research; 15 pages.
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Tans, M, Aladdin, A, Kessels, R, & De Bruin, J. (2019). Nexus Centers Nepal. RSM Case Development Centre. Retrieved from