The Netherlands is at the forefront of sustainable development and circular economy. Numerous Dutch-based civil-society organizations and consultancies have been active in helping companies and designers to go green while at the same time increasing consumer awareness about sustainability. Dutch education institutions have also an important role in fostering future designers and entrepreneurs to embrace sustainability in all its aspects (e.g. NWO-KIEM project “Behind the scenes in Dutch fashion; Bridging the gap between independent fashion designers, craftsmen and fashion intermediaries”, "What’s Next? The Future of the Fashion Industry" and "Pioneers in Fashion: Better and Greener" by Erasmus University Rotterdam, Arts and Culture Department, Creating 010 and Het Nieuwe Instituut). The chapter discusses three interrelated main trends to distinguish the approaches to sustainability by Dutch fashion designers and brands.

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Lavanga, M. (2019). A Spotlight on: Sustainable fashion in the Netherlands. In A. Gwilt, A. Payne & E.A. Ruthschilling (Eds.) Global Perspectives on Sustainable Fashion, London: Bloomsbury Academic Publishers (pp. 97–99). Retrieved from