In the practice of public administration there is an increasing need for insight in the nature and causes of societal problems. Also the need for knowledge of the conditions for and impact of public policies is growing, as is the quest for methods for effective governance in multi-actor contexts. The diversity and turbulence of value patterns and societal developments make the nature of societal problems and the dynamics of pol-icy processes increasingly hard to grasp. New administrative arrangements or strate-gies, new modes of interactive and cooperative policy-making and new substantive policies, therefore, frequently have unanticipated and scarcely understood conse-quences. It is understandable, then, that many practitioners in the public domain are looking for reflection on and new approaches to their day-to-day practice. The part time program in Public Administration we run in Rotterdam is one response to this need, for which there appears to be a continuous en substantially growing demand.

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Department of Public Administration

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