In the next section of this paper we will describe our view on what it is that we have to teach and what further ambitions we have with the part-time program. This is based on our insights about what we have to offer and on our ideas about what is needed and asked for. This constitutes a necessary starting point for our argument. But it may be desirable to redefine our agenda during the educational process as both our insights and those of our students develop. Then we elaborate on why linking study with work practice and experience is neces-sary if our aims are to be realized. Our central thesis in this connection, however, is that sensible linking requires a preceding (and repeated) delinking. Therefore, we pro-ceed with presenting some strategies for ‘delinking’. With most of these we already have some experience, and if so, we will report on it. We also discuss a number of strategies for ‘relinking’, which in practice are often interwoven with strategies for delinking.

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