In the human sciences, experimental research is used to establish causal relationships. However, the extrapolation of these results to the target population can be problematic. To facilitate extrapolation, we propose to use the statistical technique Latent Class Regression Analysis in combination with the analogical reasoning theory for extrapolation. This statistical technique can identify latent classes that differ in the effect of X on Y. In order to extrapolate by means of analogical reasoning, one can characterize the latent classes by a combination of features and then compare these features to features of the target.

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Journal Philosophy of Science
van Eersel, G.G, Koppenol-Gonzalez Marin, G.V, & Reiss, J.P. (2019). Extrapolation of experimental results through analogical reasoning from latent classes. Philosophy of Science, 86(2), 219–235. doi:10.1086/701956