Although crowdsourcing is no longer a new phenomenon, it is constantly evolving and influencing the formation of exchange mechanisms and relations between their participants. To the advertising and marketing industries, which need the perpetual influx of fresh and unconventional ideas, it has become one of the ways to acquire innovative solutions and (often) the content produced at costs below the market price level. Crowdsourcing has also become a tool to get consumers involved and build their brand loyalty. This paper analyses how brands use crowdsourcing platforms to acquire advertising content and sheds light on some of the associated problems.

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Keywords crowdsourcing, participation, advertising, media production, branded content
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Journal Zarządzanie w Kulturze
Derda, I.M. (2019). Advertising content acquisition through crowdsourcing platforms. Zarządzanie w Kulturze, 20(1). doi:10.4467/20843976ZK.19.003.10336