Background: Kidney re-transplantation is a relevant option for patients who are returning to dialysis after graft failure. However, evidence is lacking to what extend a third kidney transplantation in the ipsilateral iliac fossa is safe and effective. The aim of this study was to investigate the outcomes of third kidney transplantations in the ipsilateral iliac fossa compared to first and second ipsilateral fossa kidney transplantations. Material/Methods: There were 2074 kidneys transplanted at the Erasmus MC Rotterdam and at the University Medical Centre Groningen. Donor, recipient, and surgical data were collected. The cohort was divided into 3 groups: recipients of a first graft (I KTx; n=1744), recipients of a second graft (II KTx; n=44), and recipients of a third graft (III KTx; n=7). Results: Recipients from the II KTx group had a significantly higher rate of primary non-function (PNF) compared to recipients in the I KTx group and recipients in the III KTx group (4.5% versus 0.7% and 0% respectively; P=0.006). The 1-year graft survival did not differ between groups: 96% for I KTx, 91% for II KTx, and 85% for III KTx (P=0.214). The 5-year graft survival did differ significantly between groups: 89% for I KTx, 82% for II KTx, and 68% for III KTx (P=0.029). There were no differences regards hospital stay and rate of complications between groups. Conclusions: Third kidney transplantation in the ipsilateral iliac fossa is feasible and viable. Short-term results are comparable to the first and the second kidney transplantation, however, long-term results are inferior but acceptable compared to dialysis.

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Keywords Delayed Graft Function • Graft Survival • Kidney Transplantation • Postoperative Complications
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Journal Annals of Transplantation
Domagala, P., van den Berg, T.A.J., Tran, K., Terkivatan, T, Kimenai, H., Hartog, H, … Minnee, R.C. (2019). Surgical Safety and Efficacy of Third Kidney Transplantation in the Ipsilateral Iliac Fossa. Annals of Transplantation, 24, 132–138. doi:10.12659/aot.913300