Although partial thickness burns are the most frequently reported burn injuries, there is no consensus on the optimal treatment. The objective of this study was to compare the clinical effectiveness and scar quality of Flaminal® Forte to silver sulfadiazine (Flamazine®) in the treatment of partial thickness burns. In this two-arm open label multicenter randomized controlled trial, adult patients with acute partial thickness burns and an affected total body surface area of less than 30% were randomized between Flaminal® Forte and Flamazine® and followed for 12 months. Dressing changes in the Flamazine® group were performed daily, and in the Flaminal® group during the first 3 days post burn and thereafter every other day until complete wound healing or surgery. Forty-one patients were randomly allocated to Flaminal® Forte and 48 patients to Flamazine®. The primary outcome was time to wound healing, which did not differ between the groups: median 18 days with Flaminal® Forte (range 8–49 days) versus 16 days with Flamazine® (range 7–48 days; p = 0.24). Regarding the secondary outcomes during hospital admission, there were no statistically significant differences between the groups concerning need for surgery, pain scores, pruritus, or pain-related and anticipatory anxiety. More patients in the Flaminal® group developed wound colonization (78% versus 32%, p < 0.001), but the treatment groups did not differ regarding the incidence of local infections and use of systemic antibiotics. In terms of scar quality, no statistically significant differences between both treatment groups were found regarding subjective scar assessment (Patient and Observer Scar Assessment Scale (POSAS)), scar melanin and pigmentation (DermaSpectrometer®), and scar elasticity and maximal extension (Cutometer®) during 12 month postburn. In conclusion, time to wound healing did not differ, but the use of Flaminal® Forte seemed favorable because less dressing changes are needed which lowers the burden of wound care.

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Journal Wound Repair and Regeneration
Rashaan, Z.M., Krijnen, P, Kwa, K.A.A., van der Vlies, C.H, Schipper, I.B, & Breederveld, R.S. (2019). Flaminal (R) versus Flamazine (R) in the treatment of partial thickness burns: A randomized controlled trial on clinical effectiveness and scar quality (FLAM study). Wound Repair and Regeneration, 27(3), 257–267. doi:10.1111/wrr.12699