GIScience, drones, smartphones and bespoke apps are being deployed in the Ecuadorian and Peruvian Amazon by community members living next to oil installations to produce evidence on the impacts of the oil industry. The activity is a result of a project combining citizen science, scholarly activism, indigenous and mestizo mobilization.
The project, which started in 2011 and is still ongoing, brings together social movements, academics and some (mostly local) government authorities. The evidence produced has been used for campaigning at various levels. Taken together, the tools and strategies deployed are instruments in the David and Goliath slow struggle for environmental justice.

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Environmental Issues conference: The Role of Society and Economy
International Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University (ISS)

Pellegrini, L. (2019). Community-Based Environmental Monitoring in The Ecuadorian and Peruvian Amazon. Presented at the Environmental Issues conference: The Role of Society and Economy. Retrieved from