The academic literature on children‘s work is increasingly moving towards a position in which children‘s involvement in paid work is appreciated as both potentially harmful and emancipatory (see for e.g., Bourdillon et al 2010, Aufseeser et al 2018). Such a nuanced position, however, stands in stark contrast with the policy reality in Ethiopia and to a lesser extent globally. In this thesis, I zoom in on the case of working children in the urban weaving economy drawing from 12 months of ethnographic fieldwork and school survey in Addis Ababa.

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Keywords Child Labour, Political economy, Learning-by-doing
Promotor M.N. Spoor (Max) , K. Arts (Karin) , R.B.C. Huijsmans (Roy)
Publisher Erasmus University Rotterdam
Sponsor This research was funded by the Netherlands Fellowship Programme (NFP)
ISBN 978-90-6490-096-9
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Series ISS PhD Theses
Taye, F.N. (2019, February 20). Changing childhoods, places and work: the everyday politics of learning-by-doing in the urban weaving economy in Ethiopia. ISS PhD Theses. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from