The main objective of this thesis is to explore the role of DNA methylation changes in complications after kidney transplantation. To answer this two complementary approaches were employed.
• First, we aim to unravel if environmental conditions relevant in transplantation affect DNA methylation; by investigating the stability of DNA methylation in experimental, in vitro systems in the presence of immunosuppressive drugs and cytokines.
• Second, we explore whether DNA methylation profiles can identify kidney transplant recipients who are at increased risk for rejection or skin cancer after kidney transplantation.

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Keywords Epigenetics, T cell, Renal Transplantation, Rejection, Skin Malignancy
Promotor C.C. Baan (Carla) , K. Boer (Karin) , M.G.H. Betjes (Michiel)
Publisher Erasmus University Rotterdam
ISBN 978-94-6375-370-8
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Peters, F.S. (2019, May 15). Clinical implications of DNA methylation for kidney transplantation. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from