This thesis focuses on the development and validation, the determination of discriminative power, and the implementation and application for quality improvement of ReproQ, a questionnaire of client experiences in maternity care. The ReproQ evaluates the responsiveness of the Dutch maternity care system, in which responsiveness is defined as the way a client is treated by the professional and the environment in which the client is treated from the client’s perspective. This thesis shows that the ReproQ is a valid and efficient measure of client experiences in maternity care, that has the ability to discriminate well across perinatal units, and is suitable for benchmarking under routine conditions.

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Keywords Maternity Care, Responsiveness, Quality improvement, Questionnaire development
Promotor G.J. Bonsel (Gouke) , A. Franx (Arie) , H.F. van Stel (Henk) , E. Birnie (Erwin)
Publisher Erasmus University Rotterdam
ISBN 978-94-028-1523-8
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Scheerhagen, M. (2019, June 5). Performance of Maternity Care from the Client's Perspective: Development and Application of the ReproQuestionnaire. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from