It is admirable how much work the European Commission is currently doing in the area of VAT. The work of the European Commission, however, does not comprise the rules for VAT deduction. This is an area where Member States have still a lot of competences to set the rules. Because non-deductible VAT is a cost for businesses it will affect a business’ competitive position directly and differences in rules on VAT deduction between Member States can positively or negatively impact a business’ position. In this article I will address the areas where Member States have competences in the area of VAT deduction and will discuss whether there is a need for more harmonisation in the area of VAT deduction to ensure the proper functioning of the internal market now and in the future. This research is done in light of the 39th recital of the preamble to the VAT Directive which states that the objective of the directive is to harmonise the rules governing deductions to the extent that they affect the actual amounts collected.

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Keywords VAT, deduction, internal market, tax law
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Journal World Journal of VAT/GST Law
Merkx, M.M.W.D. (2019). VAT deduction and Member State sovereignty: (still) a good idea?. World Journal of VAT/GST Law. doi:10.1080/20488432.2018.1550163