As of 25 March 2015, the largest recorded outbreak of Ebola virus infection is ongoing, with almost 25 000 cases and >10 000 deaths. There are 5 genetically and antigenically distinct species within the genus Ebolavirus. Limited cross-reactivity and protection is observed between these 5 Ebolavirus species, which complicates vaccine development. However, on the basis of sequence homology between the 5 Ebolavirus species, we hypothesize that conserved epitopes are present on the viral glycoprotein (GP), which can be targeted by antibodies. In the current study, a panel of mouse monoclonal antibodies was isolated and characterized using an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) to determine cross-reactivity, avidity, and competition for epitope binding; Western blot analysis was also performed. Four monoclonal antibodies were identified by ELISA as cross-reacting with the GPs of all 5 Ebolavirus species. The identification of cross-reactive antibodies that bind the GPs of all known Ebolavirus species will give us important insight into the presence of conserved epitopes on the viral GP. These data will be crucial for the development of novel therapeutics and diagnostic assays.

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Keywords antibody, cross-reactive, Ebolavirus
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Journal The Journal of Infectious Diseases
Hernandez, H. (Humberto), Marceau, C. (Caleb), Halliday, H. (Hailey), Callison, J. (Julie), Borisevich, V. (Viktoriya), Escaffre, O. (Olivier), … Rockx, B. (2015). Development and Characterization of Broadly Cross-reactive Monoclonal Antibodies Against All Known Ebolavirus Species. The Journal of Infectious Diseases, 212, S410–S413. doi:10.1093/infdis/jiv209