The purpose of this article is to discuss the aims, objectives and achievements of the international "Master in Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship" at Erasmus University Rotterdam, a pioneering European masters degree – in the context of the politics of higher education and the economics of the creative industries. The Master is highly ranked worldwide, highly selective and it attracts students from a diversity of countries and academic background (from economics, business administration and psychology to art history, theater and design). The master has celebrated its 15th Anniversary last September 2018. The article is part of the Special issue "Teaching the cultural and creative industries: An international perspective".

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Keywords Masters, creative economy, entrepreneurship, course management, value economy
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Journal Arts and Humanities in Higher Education
Vickery, J.P, Lavanga, M, & Loots, E.M.M.P. (2019). Creative Economy, Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship – questions for a masters’ program in its adolescence. Arts and Humanities in Higher Education, 18(2-3), 269–278. doi:10.1177/1474022219831613