Background: Survival rates after in-hospital cardiac arrest are low and vary across hospitals. The ERC guidelines state that more research is needed to explore factors that could influence survival. Research into the role of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) practices is scarce. The goal of this survey is to gain information about CPR practices among hospitals in the Netherlands. Methods: A survey was distributed to all Dutch hospital organizations (n = 77). Items investigated were general hospital characteristics, pre-, peri- and post-resuscitation care. Characteristics were stratified by hospital teaching status. Results: Out of 77 hospital organizations, 71 (92%) responded to the survey, representing 99 locations. Hospitals were divided into three categories: university hospitals (8%), teaching hospitals (64%) and non-teaching hospitals (28%). Of all locations, 96% used the most recent guidelines for Advanced Life Support and 91% reported the availability of a Rapid Response System. Training frequencies varied from twice a year in 41% and once a year in 53% of hospital locations. The role of CPR team leader and airway manager is most often fulfilled by (resident) anaesthetists in university hospitals (63%), by emergency department professionals in teaching hospitals (43%) and by intensive care professionals in non-teaching hospitals (72%). The role of airway manager is most often attributed to (resident) anaesthetists in university hospitals (100%), and to intensive care professionals in teaching (82%) and non-teaching hospitals (79%). Conclusion: The majority of Dutch hospitals follow the ERC guidelines but there are differences in the presence of an ALS certified physician, intensity of training and participation of medical specialties in the fulfilment of roles within the CPR-team.

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Keywords Resuscitation care, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, In-hospital cardiac arrest, Advanced life support, CPR practices
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Journal BMC Health Services Research
Schluep, M., van Limpt, G.J.C., Stolker, R.J, Hoeks, S.E, & Endeman, H. (2019). Cardiopulmonary resuscitation practices in the Netherlands: results from a nationwide survey. BMC Health Services Research, 19. doi:10.1186/s12913-019-4166-2