Objective We aimed to assess the opinion of Dutch cardiologists on coronary microvascular disease (CMD) and its management in clinical practice, and to assess the need for a CMD guideline among Dutch cardiologists. Methods We developed an online questionnaire including different aspects of CMD which was reviewed by an expert panel. The questionnaire was distributed by e-mail among all members of the Dutch Society of Cardiology. Results A total of 103 cardiologists (70% male) completed the questionnaire (response rate: 10%). Median age and years of experience as a cardiologist were 49 ± 15 and 12 ± 12 years, respectively. Overall, 93% of the cardiologists had considered the CMD diagnosis, 85% had ever made such a diagnosis, 90% had treated a patient with CMD, and 61% had referred patients to tertiary care. The median (interquartile range) selfrated knowledge level was 7.0 (2.0) (scale of 0–10). 84% rated their knowledge as sufficient (>5.5) and 58% viewed CMD as a disease entity. Overall, 61% and 17%, respectively, agreed that evidence-based diagnostic and treatment modalities for CMD do not exist, while 56% believed that CMD patients have a higher risk for cardiovascular disease and mortality. Finally, 82% of the responders stated that a CMD guideline is needed, and 91% wanted to receive the guideline once developed.Discussion Fifty-eight per cent of the responders recognise CMD as a separate disease entity. Our study underscores the need for a dedicated CMD guideline for Dutch cardiology practice. However, the response rate was low (10%), and it is likely that mainly cardiologists interested in CMD have participated in our study.

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Keywords Coronary microvascular diseas · Survey questionnaire · Opinion poll · Practice guidelines
Persistent URL dx.doi.org/10.1007/s12471-019-1274-x, hdl.handle.net/1765/117155
Journal Netherlands Heart Journal
Aribas, E., Elias-Smale, S.E, Duncker, D.J.G.M, Piek, J.J, Ikram, M.A, Appelman, Y, … Kavousi, M. (2019). Questionnaire survey on cardiologists' view and management of coronary microvascular disease in clinical practice. Netherlands Heart Journal, 27(5), 252–262. doi:10.1007/s12471-019-1274-x