The urachus is a vestigial structure of the allantois and cloaca. It involutes as fetal development progresses to become a fibrous cord, which courses between the umbilicus and bladder dome within the retropubic space. Infection occasionally occurs in patients with congenital patent urachus. Here, we report a patient with infection of a previously closed urachal tract presenting as an abdominal mass. This has rarely been described in the literature. Current knowledge on imaging findings to the diagnosis is discussed.

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Keywords Urachus, abscess, malignancy, diagnosis
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Journal Clinical Medicine Insights-Case Reports
Lam, S.W., Linsen, P.V., & Elgersma, OE. (2019). Infection of Previously Closed Urachus Mimicking Malignancy: A Case Report and Literature Review of Radiological Findings to the Diagnosis. Clinical Medicine Insights-Case Reports, 12. doi:10.1177/1179547619843836