The clinical management and subsequent outcome of pediatric and neonatal patients can improve significantly with the availability of effective and safe medicines if appropriately investigated in the relevant population [1]. This is also the case for neonates treated with hypothermia for perinatal asphyxia. However, the vast majority of medicines are developed with adult pathophysiology in mind and are not guided by neonatal (patho)physiology. Drug development is mainly driven by adult indications, subsequently tailored or repurposed for use in neonates, with exogenous surfactant as the latest but hopefully not last example of drug discovery specific to neonates [2].

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Journal Neonatology: fetal and neonatal research
Allegaert, K.M, Smits, A, & van den Anker, J.N. (2019). Phenobarbital Increases Midazolam Clearance in Neonates Treated with Hypothermia: Do We Really Need to Know?. Neonatology: fetal and neonatal research. doi:10.1159/000499742