Growing up in complex reality: the unique contribution of pedagogical science in the Netherlands The inception of the discipline of pedagogical science in the Netherlands was exactly one hundred years ago in 2018. After a brief description of the history of pedagogy, several domains of the current field of pedagogy, in particular child and family studies and clinical child and family studies are highlighted. Next, the interrelations between pedagogy, psychology and psychiatry using the bio-psycho-social model and the socio-ecological model are described. Pedagogical science is an empirically-normative, performance-centered, and integrative science that unites the broad spectrum of behavioural sciences. With this unique combination, pedagogical science helps to answer scientific, clinical, and societal questions to help children reach their full potential.

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Keywords pedagogical science, education, interdisciplinarity, integration, actionoriented, empirical-normativity
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Journal Pedagogiek
Luijk, P.C.M, Ringoot, A.P, Kok, R, Lucassen, N., Prinzie, P.J, Tieman, W, & van der Horst, F.C.P. (2019). Opgroeien in de complexe werkelijkheid: de unieke bijdrage van de pedagogiek in Nederland. Pedagogiek, 39(1), 79–93. doi:10.5117/PED2019.1.005.LUIJ