According to World Bank’s survey, India has the largest area of arable land of approximately 156.4 million hectares which is about 57% of total land in the country. The demand for agricultural products is high in India which corresponds to high use of fertilisers. Both natural and synthetic fertilisers are equally predominant. The primary issue with fertilisers is how to buy the fertilisers with lesser cost where cost of travelling and transportation plays a major role. The poor market research and unawareness of the farmers makes them vulnerable while buying fertilisers. They levy unnecessary costs on fertilisers and increase their expenditure for the yield. We analysed this growing concern for a vast agricultural country like India and came up with proper insights and solution. Our solution involves analysis of distances between geolocations or places where fertilisers are available (e.g. fertiliser shop or retail store for fertiliser) and allowing the farmers to go select amongst those available storesthe nearest and best place to purchase the fertilisers.

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Keywords Agricultural products, Geolocation Dataset
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Journal International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering
Rajvir, C. (Chintan), Rajkumar, R. (Rajasekaran), Masih, J. (Jolly), & Matharu, P.S. (Paviter Singh). (2019). Analysis of geolocation dataset and fertiliser availability to farmers at minimum cost. International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering, 8(8), 2115–2118. Retrieved from