Forall Phones is a Lisbon-based online retailer for used smartphones. When the founder and CEO, José Costa Rodrigues, became aware of the financial resources required to purchase a state-of-the-art mobile smartphone as a teenager, he decided to build a brand that could make smartphones accessible to everyone, For-all. In 2016, an online sales platform for refurbished smartphones was born. By 2017, Forall Phones experienced a promising growth, spurred by a successful word-of-mouth marketing strategy, high- quality refurbished products, and an excellent after-sales service. After less than a year, Forall Phones became a company of five employees operating in five countries and generating €350,000 in revenue. However, increasing competition and the desire to put Forall Phones on the map of potential investors led the young team behind Forall to consider different growth strategies. The case sheds light on how young companies strive to grow beyond their scale-up phase and introduces students to three possible growth strategies: market expansion, creation of complementary physical stores, and product line extension.

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Keywords Startup, scale-up, electronic goods, growth strategy, omnichannel, product line extension, physical store, refurbished smartphones, used phones, market expansion, iPhone
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Series RSM Case Development Centre

Based on field research; 15 pages.
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Schmitt, A, Reis, J.A, & Hulsink, W. (2019). Forall Phone: Affordable Smartphones for All. RSM Case Development Centre. Retrieved from