Recently a framework was presented to assess whether pediatric covariate models for clearance can be extrapolated between drugs sharing elimination pathways, based on extraction ratio, protein binding, and other drug properties. Here we evaluate when a pediatric covariate function for midazolam clearance can be used to scale clearance of other CYP3A substrates. A population PK model including a covariate function for clearance was developed for midazolam in children aged 1– 17 years. Commonly used CYP3A substrates were selected and using the framework, it was assessed whether the midazolam covariate function accurately scales their clearance. For eight substrates, reported pediatric clearance values were compared numerically and graphically with clearance values scaled using the midazolam covariate function. For sildenafil, clearance values obtained with population PK modeling based on pediatric concentration-time data were compared with those scaled with the midazolam covariate function. According to the framework, a midazolam covariate function will lead to systemically accurate clearance scaling (absolute prediction error (PE) < 30%) for CYP3A substrates binding to albumin with an extraction ratio between 0.35 and 0.65 when binding < 10% in adults, between 0.05 and 0.55 when binding > 90%, and with an extraction ratio ranging between these values when binding between 10 and 90%. Scaled clearance values for eight commonly used CYP3A substrates were reasonably accurate (PE < 50%). Scaling of sildenafil clearance was accurate (PE < 30%). We defined for which CYP3A substrates a pediatric covariate function for midazolam clearance can accurately scale plasma clearance in children. This scaling approach may be useful for CYP3A substrates with scarce or no available pediatric PK information.

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Keywords Clearance, CYP3A ontogeny, Scaling function, Pediatrics, Population pharmacokinetics.
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Journal AAPS Journal
Brussee, JM, Krekels, EHJ, Calvier, EAM, Palic, S., Rostami-Hodjegan, A., Danhof, M, … Knibbe, C.A.J. (2019). A Pediatric Covariate Function for CYP3A-Mediated Midazolam Clearance Can Scale Clearance of Selected CYP3A Substrates in Children. AAPS Journal, 21(5). doi:10.1208/s12248-019-0351-9