This thesis aimed to explore the (cost-)effectiveness of preventive, integrated care for community-dwelling frail older people. The first part of this thesis focused on the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a specific preventive integrated care intervention, the Walcheren Integrated Care Model (WICM). The second part of this thesis critically reflected on the concepts and methodologies used to explore the (cost-)effectiveness of integrated care for frail older people. This second part included a systematic review and an exploration of the effectiveness of integrated care for six profiles of frail older people.

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Keywords integrated care, frail older people, primary care, effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, prevention
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Journal International Journal of Integrated Care
Looman, W.M. (2019). Facing Frailty: Exploring the Effectiveness of Integrated Care for Frail Older People. International Journal of Integrated Care, 19(13), 1–3. doi:10.5334/ijic.4736