Adapting to European Integration describes how the political institutions in eight small member states and two non-members responded to the internal and external demands springing from the process of European integration in general and EC/EU membership in particular. The study makes a distinction between governmental/administrative adaptation, political adaptation and strategic adaptation. The chapters focus, in the first instance, on the governmental/administrative responses at the level of central government, the organisational adjustments and the changes in institutional capacity to meet the new challenges. The authors also look at the willingness of the political decision-makers to internalise the EC/EU dimension in domestic policy making and the way in which the country's own history as well as the attitude towards European integration facilitate or hinder adaptation and change.,
Department of Public Administration

Hanf, K. (Kenneth), & Soetendorp, B. (Ben). (2014). Adapting to European integration: Small states and the European Union. Adapting to European Integration: Small States and the European Union, 1–202. doi:10.4324/9781315842431