To prevent rigidity within teams in health care and to support teams in detecting early warning signs of decreasing flexibility, a program has been co-created in collaboration with mental healthcare teams. This program is intended to systematically monitor team behavior, and by doing so to facilitate team intervention. We aim to lay foundations for the further development of methods that can help teams to recognize and respond to processes going on under the surface. This paper introduces the program to the reader; and describes its premises and the co-creation process, leading to a program of nine steps. Then, it describes the application of the program within a team, what a team needs to use the program, and whether the nine steps are sufficient. This pilot shows that the program is a helpful framework within which teams can talk about rigidity, define indicators of their flexibility, and think about appropriate actions and interventions for maintaining or restoring their flexibility. Team ownership and the customizability of the program are important attributes. The program appears to provide a useful framework that helps a team to observe and discuss processes. Team members become aware of the indicators of their team and make their goals explicit.

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International Journal of Health Planning and Management
Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management (ESHPM)

van Gool, F., Bongers, I., Bierbooms, J., & Janssen, R. (2019). Co-creating a program for teams to maintain and reflect on their flexibility. International Journal of Health Planning and Management. doi:10.1002/hpm.2855