Researchers in leadership effectiveness are paying increasing attention to the role of follower self-concept and identity as a mediator and moderator of the effectiveness of leadership. In this introductory article, we provide a short outline of this rapidly growing field of research, briefly introduce the articles presented in this special issue on leadership, self, and identity, and highlight key themes for future research that we feel emerge from these studies. These themes include greater attention to the dynamic interplay between leaders and followers, the incorporation of theories of fairness, and the role of leader self-concept.

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The Leadership Quarterly
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van Knippenberg, B., van Knippenberg, D., de Cremer, D., & Hogg, M. (2005). Research in leadership, self, and identity: A sample of the present and a glimpse of the future. The Leadership Quarterly, 16(4), 495–499. doi:10.1016/j.leaqua.2005.06.006