The objective was to evaluate the long-term results after the construction of a continent catheterizable urinary conduit in adults. We retrospectively reviewed the charts of 41 adults who received a continent catheterizable urinary conduit and extracted indications and complications (29/41 women, average age 32, median follow-up durations 52 months, 48% ≥1 reoperation). Patients who were still using the conduit during this research (n = 32) were sent a questionnaire about their impression of improvement, continence and catheterization problems. 24 patients completed the questionnaire and on average reported a ‘much better’ situation. In conclusion, the construction of a continent catheterizable urinary conduit in adults is associated with a high complication and reoperation rate. Nevertheless, patients perceive improvement compared to before the construction of the stoma.

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Keywords adults, complications, reoperations, urinary diversion
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Journal Tijdschrift voor Urologie
Groenendijk, I.M, Scheepe, J.R, Blok, B.F.M, Nijman, R.J.M, & van den Hoek, J. (2019). Langetermijnresultaten van continent katheteriseerbare urostoma’s bij volwassenen met niet-neurogene of neurogene blaasontledigingsstoornissen. Tijdschrift voor Urologie. doi:10.1007/s13629-019-0259-2