In this PhD thesis, we aim to answer the following research questions:
1. What is the prevalence of anxiety and depressive symptoms and disorders in children and adolescents with IBD (aged 6-18 years)?
2. Which medical variables are associated with the presence of elevated anxiety and/ or depression in youth with IBD (aged 10-25 years)?
3. Which psychological variables are associated with HRQOL in youth with IBD (aged 10-20 years)?
4. What is the short-term and long-term effectiveness of a disease-specific CBT in improving symptoms of anxiety and depression (primary outcomes), HRQOL, negative illness perceptions, coping, social functioning, and sleep problems (secondary outcomes)?

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Promotor M.H.J. Hillegers (Manon) , J.C. Escher (Johanna) , E.M.W.J. Utens (Elisabeth)
Publisher Erasmus University Rotterdam
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Stapersma, L. (2019, September 4). HAPPY-IBD: A Study Into Anxiety and Depression in Youth With Inflammatory Bowel Disease : Screening and the effect of a cognitive behavioral therapy. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from