Aim: To establish what leadership competencies are expected of master level‐edu‐ cated nurses like the Advanced Practice Nurses and the Clinical Nurse Leaders as described in the international literature. Background: Developments in health care ask for well‐trained nurse leaders. Advanced Practice Nurses and Clinical Nurse Leaders are ideally positioned to lead healthcare reform in nursing. Nurses should be adequately equipped for this role based on internationally defined leadership competencies. Therefore, identifying leadership competencies and related attributes internationally is needed. Design: Integrative review. Methods: Embase, Medline and CINAHL databases were searched (January 2005– December 2018). Also, websites of international professional nursing organizations were searched for frameworks on leadership competencies. Study and framework selection, identification of competencies, quality appraisal of included studies and analysis of data were independently conducted by two researchers. Results: Fifteen studies and seven competency frameworks were included. Synthesis of 150 identified competencies led to a set of 30 core competencies in the clinical, pro‐ fessional, health systems. and health policy leadership domains. Most competencies fitted in one single domain the health policy domain contained the least competencies. Conclusions: This synthesis of 30 core competencies within four leadership domains can be used for further development of evidence‐based curricula on leadership. Next steps include further refining of competencies, addressing gaps, and the linking of knowledge, skills, and attributes. Impact: These findings contribute to leadership development for Advanced Practice Nurses and Clinical Nurse Leaders while aiming at improved health service delivery and guiding of health policies and reforms.

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Journal of Advanced Nursing
Department of Pediatric Surgery

Heinen, M., van Oostveen, C., Peters, J., Vermeulen, H., & Huis, A. (2019). An integrative review of leadership competencies and attributes in advanced nursing practice. Journal of Advanced Nursing. doi:10.1111/jan.14092